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Coutts & Co. is a private bank and wealth manager. Founded in July 28, 1692, it is the eighth oldest bank in the world. Today, Coutts forms part of NatWest Group's wealth management division. In the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, Coutts Crown Dependencies operates as a trading name of The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited.

On February 2020 a former employee wrote a review for Indeed about how was working at Coutts & Co. he said " it was the worst experience in my 20 year career" I was really excited to work for coutts and thought this would be a great opportunity it was an experience I wish I could forget. A bullying culture that really needs to be sorted. Outside my team there were some fantastic individuals. I only wish I had gotten to work with them.


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Former Employee - Private Banker says

"Poor pay and a very stale management team. Bankers and assistants in this team are totally demotivated after a decision was made to pay call centre staff better than them. RBS corporate trickle down is hampering the business. Assistants who are the back bone of the business are now being cut. Some support 5/6 bankers which is unsustainable."

Current Employee - Private Banker says

"For a company apparently so focussed on wellbeing there is little to no consideration for this with its staff. Continues to employ management through their connections rather than their abilities. Decent management who start on top form turn into RBS drones. Executive Committee out of touch with the rest of the Bank yet dictate on how to work effectively."

Former Employee - Private Banker, Associate Director says

"The bank is losing its' customer service legacy and turning into a retail bank. Cost cutting beyond reason."

Private Banker says

"Low pay and benefits compared to the market, yet management don't seem to realise this. Real lack of products and overall compliance heavy approach beyond industry norms make it difficult to act like a true private bank to its clients."

Current Employee - Private Banker, Associate Director says

"Lending decisions are not consistent and some of the staff are not experienced enough to make these decisions. The lending policies are aligned with a retail bank and the credit staff make up the rules as they go."

Private Banker says

"Appalling IT, and laborious credit processess. Promotions not always given on merit, rather on political connections with senior management and visibility in the office as oppose to competency on the job."

Director, Fund Research (Current Employee) says

"Good people within teams but a silo mentality across teams with a terrible blame culture and a huge amount of politics leading to a lack of clarity around progression and reward."

. (Former Employee) says

"I am a pragmatic, ambitious finance professional with strong track-record of delivering top performance. I have good knowledge and understanding of how the banking industry operates from processes, products, treating customers fairly and a confidence builder to communicate with internal or external clients. Working under pressure is definitely an often occurrence, however attention to detail is a must despite heavy work loads, ensuring due diligence is completed on all cases and are produced accurately by meeting company deadlines. I am proactively wiling to learn new processes within Private Banking Services, and am multi skilled from processes within Sales, Loans, Overdrafts, Mortgage, Libor Linked facilities & Closures. I act as a point of reference for staff on both technical and operational procedures to ensure timely and accurate processing of Credit documentations. Core values include: experience of embedding robust financial governance across an organisation to minimise losses, regulatory breaches and protect brand reputation. Cons: ."

Senior client Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"After completing the training programmes you can ask for compressed shifts although you won't get your first pick of days and times. Workhouse are potentially flexible."

jamail malik says

"I have Contacted them several times to open bank account and they seems very busy. Thanks God I have seen these reviews. Their customer service advisor was very rude even I have told them that our company’s turnover is in excess of 10M and we would like to give the business to their bank. No one returned the call or emailed back. Poor customer services and it seems they have shortage of staff."

Stuart Owers says

"The levels of communications from Private Bankers and the speed of response has become very poor and levels of service decreased significantly over the past 4-5 years. Even when looking to invest large sums of money as well as seeking clarity on a number of personal banking scenarios the service does not warrant that of a top tier private bank. Time to continue dining out on the name is quickly diminishing."

Happy customer. says

"I don’t bank with Coutts but my parents did for many years, and they have been gone for over 6 years and 3 years respectively. They would be turning in their graves at what they thought was a reputable quality bank just like others of their generation. Gullible maybe, swept up by prestige probably but not stupid. The estate is complicated but Coutts Have been incompetent and unhelpful and uncaring since their administration started. Even sending other people’s birth cert to my solicitors and calling my father by Someone else’s name that’s not the worst. Once they have their % and it’s still not complete, they then pass it onto their solicitors TLT who are as money grabbing and incompetent as Coutts, who then charge more. You can’t challenge them either, they only give you 6 months to do that with the ombudsman and the estate is still ongoing so how long do you wait tho collect all the incompetences. Two people have since left the company that we’re dealing with the estate and you have to start all over again! So they then drag it out longer squeezing more out of your parents estate. Just to warn everyone all banks are the same and at the end of the day people who work for them are just people. Don’t let banks administer your estate you will end up with nothing! Not that it was ours to begin with, but just saying. When I go I’m appointing someone who cares about our family not a bank. Disgusted with them is an understatement, And it still goes on! Words fail me. My parents worked hard to leave a legacy. What a shame. Shame On you Coutts and TLT."

Stuart says

"I have been with Coutts for 10 years and they should frankly be ashamed to call themselves a private bank. They are either incompetent or do not want your business - or both but I think I am wasting my time. No better than a high street retail bank. I would add that I have never spoken to my private banker in 3 years and Coutts are uninterested in developing any relationship and take every opportunity to demonstrate their disdain for clients. Don’t be seduced by the brand, take your money elsewhere. Their funds were described as rebadged mid-market RBS funds by an insider, difficult to navigate fund performance and no discussions to clarify, if you ask they direct you to their website. Just awful. In no way a private bank with personal service. Far below my expectations given the cost and financial commitment required." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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